Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Day Anubis Came for Tea

   I just recently finished a short story project and I have to admit I’m absolutely in love with the characters. It was hard to limit my interaction, hard to leave this as just a short story. I’m planning to submit this to a wonderful Indie horror magazine for publication. If you’ve never checked out Dark River Press, you should visit their web site. SUPPORT YOUR INDIE CREATORS!!!!!!
   OK, enough of my soap box, let’s talk writing. An ancient God of death pays a visit to a young lady drowning in self abuse and lost potential. She’s crossed a line and now it’s time to pay the price.  Death see’s something special in the protagonist and asks her to answer a few questions, if he’s happy, she may get an extension.
   I loved writing this piece, and I loved how the story twisted and turned. I will post the publication date.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Shall Endever to Perservere or Dismember

    Finished ,Survivor 126, my second addition to the forthcoming zombie anthology, The Final Migration. Polished and prepped, ripe for the reading.
   Having an issue with the publisher regarding another anthology I was asked to be a part of called, Autumn Painted Red. This is the first non fiction work I've ever produced and it's an interesting take on the victims of Jake the Ripper. I have a knack for good non fiction, but horror and monsters claimed my heart long ago. The works been finished and has been in the "process" for the last eight months. I have people working on resolving this and getting the book out there. We may have to offer it to other publishers if something doesn't start happening soon. 
  My blog contributions to Doctor Her ( are getting extremely positive feedback, I'm my hardest critic and constantly worry that my topics won't be of interest to anyone but me. So far this experiment is proving to be a success.
  I'm still working on my website, have some great ideas but little time this week to implement them. I need to get some head shots, I just fucking hate taking pictures.
  Several projects in the works, one I should be finishing and submitting involving the Egyptian Death God Anubis, Earl Gray tea and some polite conversation. I'm having marvelous fun writing these characters. I may not stop at just a short story with this one.
  The downside to all these projects, that ARE necessary (to get my name out there) and lots of fun is - THE NOVEL sits. No progression this week. I'm still facing five chapters of revisions after some character adjustments and other  more effective takes on the theme and plot. These are also characters I love interacting with. Their story is just evolving into something more complex than I first thought.
   Keeping busy is keeping  me sane at this point, I'm having a wonderful time getting to know other Indie authors and creators. What a wonderful amazing group of people. Thank you to the folks that have stepped up to offer advice and become mentors.
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