Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Carmen Dioxide

I’m branching outside my comfort zone. I’m writing a type of character I’ve never written before. She’s amazing, brave, no bullshit and transgender.
She popped in as I was following a particular story arc off into the sunset. The person needed to carry these burdens would absolutely have to be STRONG.
I’m privileged to count several Trans individuals as friends. I’ve never met anyone stronger or more determined than these ladies and gents.
Like most of my characters Carmen came to me fully formed with her own history.  This is not a stereotype and not a character meant to cash in on some trend.
This is a pivotal and extremely important guide and teacher for the series. Artist Christopher Gibbs and I are already working on development and concept art.
It is vitally important to me that she be portrayed and written with accuracy. Needless to say my research will be extensive. I am fortunate to have wonderful friends and acquaintances to help in this process.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Cutterverse Awakes

Quick updates on the forthcoming behemoth know as Cutter.

Our fan page hit 1000 yesterday. For independent creators this is a heavy milestone. Needless to say the entire team was ecstatic and of course we gave away some original art work in celebration.

We've decided to use our web page as more of an interactive tool. We solicit suggestion and comments from our fans.

We've asked them to help name one of our pivotal characters and ask for opinions on our current artwork and story arcs.

We post quotes from our characters and snippets of information about the Cutterverse and how life works there.

This is all preemptive to the release of  Cutter # 0

It's turning into this amazing little interactive universe and I have to admit, although it requires a feck ton of work I'm really enjoying it. I hope as the Cutter Team moves forward we can keep this interaction going and bring it with us.

 This is in no way an original idea, Steve Niles has been doing this same thing on his forum for countless years. I think being one of his disciples has shown me the importance of  being accessible and respecting your audience. Just another way a MENTOR has made my creative experience better and more fulfilling.

Christopher Gibbs and I are starting to commit to Cons around the country and the always being updated list is available on the events section of our Cutter page www.facebook.com/cutter2013
Please stop in and help us spread the Cutterverse disease!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Support for Independent Creators

I have to admit I am no millionaire but I have taken the initiative to support independent creators on Kickstarter and other sites.

These brave souls place their dreams at the mercy of strangers. To me this equates with placing your child on a sacrificial alter.

I don't have much but I give what I can. When I look over their projects and see the love and dedication poured into each detail I gain so much respect.

The creative community is moving forward and cutting out the middle man. We are taking the initiative and
offering our work directly to the masses. Unchanged, exactly how we see it, without interference from those worried strictly about profit.

No longer are we victims of others that can't understand our vision.

I am just ecstatic to be involved in this revolution and I encourage you to take a look and send your support.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


The creative mind is a dark and twisted thing BUT loves to bask in the sun.
It can be stubborn – irrational – damaged beyond redemption – self destructive and moody.
Creative minds can also be caring and loyal – fiercely defensive of their loves – forging new paths into the unknown – irrepressible and free.
To balance all of this you must be a bit on the odd side.
Sometimes a creative person may be in the same room with you, but is actually a million miles away.
The inner workings are off and different from the considered norm.
I can attest that it is a stunning and brilliant roller coaster and creators are nothing if not FUN.
Christopher Gibbs and I have signed on to the Cincinnati Comic Convention and the Fan Boy Expo Knoxville for the upcoming year. We may also be heading to the Boston Comic Con BUT that is still on the table and has yet to made concrete.

Cutter is approaching publications and we have begun work on Issues #2 and #3
Gods & Monsters is still in the editing process. I have completed that final story I wanted to stick in there. I’m now in the re-write stage and hope to have it done this week.
We have posted new art and contests on the Cutter page, make sure you stop in. We welcome all questions and comments.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

New Cutter Artwork - Tim Shay

Sneek peek of some new Cutter artwork -Tim Shay - Come and visit us www.facebook.com/cutter2013


The energy or motivation to accomplish or undertake something.
A force that causes the motion of an object to overcome resistance and maintain its velocity.
I’m reaching that crux that all creators can run into = EXHAUSTION!
 Multiple projects on the table, each one requiring you to be brilliant, (there’s no way in hell you’re not going to give 100% to anything you’re working on) promoting, marketing your brand, networking, making future commitments, PLUS making a living…….
New ideas for future work jotted down daily, the discipline to finish the things you’re working on instead of drifting to a new project.
All of this can turn into a rock slide of muck that rains down over all of those around you. A creator is married first and foremost to the WORK.
I know we try not to be, we try to give equal attention to all aspects of our life. In the end the love for creating will win out and it will always come first.  Our brains are wired that way, I shall quote Ben Templesmith – “I create because I have to.”
It proves difficult finding a balance; enough time for everything and the energy to provide what’s needed by the forenamed everything.
You must find the drive to push through, follow the course and see all aspects of creating + life to the conclusion.
It’s in there, you’ve got to track it down and beat it into submission.
  Never give up or sacrifice any aspect of what’s important.  
I will keep repeating that sentence like a mantra in hopes to continue to retain and preserve my sanity.  

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cutter Contest

Here’s your chance to make waves in the Cutterverse!
The Cutter Team has decided to let YOU name one of our most pivotal characters.  This character has major impact on John Cutter and has an important role in the entire series!
Before we start a few rules:
1.       No hate, insults or disrespect
2.       The contest will run for three days
3.       If your entry/name is chosen it will be used for the entire run of the series.
4.       The winner will also receive an original concept sketch of the character.
Ok here we go!
Our character is Transgender (male to female) and performs as a Drag Queen. She also African -American and ABSOLUTELY FIERCE!!! 
No bullshit – straight shooter - Brave, loyal, intelligent, fearless and gorgeous!
We need YOU to give us her STAGE NAME!
GOOD LUCK! www.facebook.com/cutter2012. Competition!