Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Cutterverse Awakes

Quick updates on the forthcoming behemoth know as Cutter.

Our fan page hit 1000 yesterday. For independent creators this is a heavy milestone. Needless to say the entire team was ecstatic and of course we gave away some original art work in celebration.

We've decided to use our web page as more of an interactive tool. We solicit suggestion and comments from our fans.

We've asked them to help name one of our pivotal characters and ask for opinions on our current artwork and story arcs.

We post quotes from our characters and snippets of information about the Cutterverse and how life works there.

This is all preemptive to the release of  Cutter # 0

It's turning into this amazing little interactive universe and I have to admit, although it requires a feck ton of work I'm really enjoying it. I hope as the Cutter Team moves forward we can keep this interaction going and bring it with us.

 This is in no way an original idea, Steve Niles has been doing this same thing on his forum for countless years. I think being one of his disciples has shown me the importance of  being accessible and respecting your audience. Just another way a MENTOR has made my creative experience better and more fulfilling.

Christopher Gibbs and I are starting to commit to Cons around the country and the always being updated list is available on the events section of our Cutter page
Please stop in and help us spread the Cutterverse disease!

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