Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Carmen Dioxide

I’m branching outside my comfort zone. I’m writing a type of character I’ve never written before. She’s amazing, brave, no bullshit and transgender.
She popped in as I was following a particular story arc off into the sunset. The person needed to carry these burdens would absolutely have to be STRONG.
I’m privileged to count several Trans individuals as friends. I’ve never met anyone stronger or more determined than these ladies and gents.
Like most of my characters Carmen came to me fully formed with her own history.  This is not a stereotype and not a character meant to cash in on some trend.
This is a pivotal and extremely important guide and teacher for the series. Artist Christopher Gibbs and I are already working on development and concept art.
It is vitally important to me that she be portrayed and written with accuracy. Needless to say my research will be extensive. I am fortunate to have wonderful friends and acquaintances to help in this process.

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