Wednesday, November 7, 2012


The creative mind is a dark and twisted thing BUT loves to bask in the sun.
It can be stubborn – irrational – damaged beyond redemption – self destructive and moody.
Creative minds can also be caring and loyal – fiercely defensive of their loves – forging new paths into the unknown – irrepressible and free.
To balance all of this you must be a bit on the odd side.
Sometimes a creative person may be in the same room with you, but is actually a million miles away.
The inner workings are off and different from the considered norm.
I can attest that it is a stunning and brilliant roller coaster and creators are nothing if not FUN.
Christopher Gibbs and I have signed on to the Cincinnati Comic Convention and the Fan Boy Expo Knoxville for the upcoming year. We may also be heading to the Boston Comic Con BUT that is still on the table and has yet to made concrete.

Cutter is approaching publications and we have begun work on Issues #2 and #3
Gods & Monsters is still in the editing process. I have completed that final story I wanted to stick in there. I’m now in the re-write stage and hope to have it done this week.
We have posted new art and contests on the Cutter page, make sure you stop in. We welcome all questions and comments.

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