Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Multitasking Cephalopods & Hunting Artistic Genius

I recently put out a call for artists and illustrators. I'm looking for that rare creative partner with just  that pinch of insanity.

The response has been wonderful, I think I've found the artist I can see bringing my vision to life. BUT I've sent the script and descriptions to a few. What they send me back, as far as their concept from my writing, will determine who I team up with. It's not really about me, you see its about the characters. Their voices and what makes them happy.

This past week has encompassed a lot of movement, managing real life and various creative projects. Out with the old, in with the new. The first tentative steps down a new path of independent creation.  These changes and this new energy don't come without moments of doubt and vast expanses of reflection.

The driving force, my main focus is to see my comic script take its first breath of life. This is center and the target of my manic obsession. Each new effort, hour, thought...brings me one step closer to that realization.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bleach Baths, Slime, Violence, Editors and Of Course Squid

I’ve spent the last week searching for an artist/ creative partner to help me breathe life into one of my scripts.
I tried the easy way of breaking into comics and found I didn’t care for it. There’s only so much ass kissing of self important prigs I can produce.
After a few months and then a bleach shower to get rid of the slime, I felt that maybe, I should retain creator control and break this bitch out INDIE style. I’ve done some quiet research and crept around the outskirts of some amazing artists. Tentatively made contact, and hope with all my little black heart, I don’t run into anymore pratts.
I don’t just want some kinda pre-fab, run-o-the-mill crap. I want a partner, an insane partner. (Preferably one that likes squid and sun-dip) The search continues and I’m being picky so I’m sure it may take a moment.
The novel plods on, the story is getting told, and it’s moving slowly. The characters are showing enormous patience for my ADD and my constant multi tasking. That being said,  I’m working on some more short stories and of course am looking at contributing to a few more anthologies.

Autumn Painted Red is out; it’s my first foray into non-fiction. I have to admit I loved the hell out of this piece and the work that went into creating it. Find your copy at Asylum Ink.

I’ve moved to a new editor, Carol Gaskin of Editorial Alchemy. We’ve been tossing random communications back and forth for about a month. She finally agreed to deal with my insane bullshit and we start our partnership officially August 3. The wonderful thing is she’s almost local so if she needs to beat some sense into my thick skull, it will only take her about 45 minutes to commence the violence.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Voices In The Head

   Another San Diego Comic Con has come and gone. It looks like there were some amazing creator types living it up last week. Can’t wait to take a look at the projects they are stewing over.

I’m starting a new partnership with an editor. I think we both travel along a similar wavelength and I see great things for us both in the future. An excellent benefit is she lives just a few hours away, so we will be able to communicate at great length.
 Books, Comics and other writing creations are a cumulative effort of the many. To give birth to your idea and have it fully grown and ready to stand on its own, you have to have an excellent team behind you. Everyone from your family to those who work in the creation biz, to the terrified people on planes you explain your ideas too; leave an imprint on your work. The help make it strong and interesting enough for others to want to invest their time and emotions.
Autumn Painted Red is out and is available from Asylum Ink. It’s great to see this project completed.
The last few days have been spent in the joyous haze of finding new and inspiring authors and devouring their work.
I shall resume work on Keepers this weekend.
Another anthology still in the works is titled; The Final Migration, mine and a group of talented creators take on the zombie apocalypse.  I’ve read the material and I have to admit I’m pretty excited to see a different slant on the ever popular monster. I enjoyed the Hell out of writing my pieces for that book.
As ever “LIFE” continues to try and interrupt my writing, working as a lawman drains almost every drop of energy and humanity. 
Thankfully the voices in my head refuse to allow THAT itty bitty issue to stop their persistent screams.
Good news is, lawman work has finally been lassoed and drugged to within an inch of its life. This should mean more creative output from me AND more networking updates.  

Monday, July 9, 2012

Back From The Dead

 Life has been interceding, interrupting and bleeding its puss all over my writing.

 Found an editor, came up with more than a few new ideas for projects......Still looking for an artist and as always working on Keepers.

The novel keeps evolving causing me to have to re write and mold the events to fit my characters whispers.

I hope I've beaten the horse called life to death and shall presently be eating burgers made from its persistent flesh.

More updates as I progress.