Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Back From New Orleans With Updates

I made it back from New Orleans refreshed and recharged. The publication date for Cutter #0 is on its way! Here's a look at more amazing artwork.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Carmen Dioxide

I’m branching outside my comfort zone. I’m writing a type of character I’ve never written before. She’s amazing, brave, no bullshit and transgender.
She popped in as I was following a particular story arc off into the sunset. The person needed to carry these burdens would absolutely have to be STRONG.
I’m privileged to count several Trans individuals as friends. I’ve never met anyone stronger or more determined than these ladies and gents.
Like most of my characters Carmen came to me fully formed with her own history.  This is not a stereotype and not a character meant to cash in on some trend.
This is a pivotal and extremely important guide and teacher for the series. Artist Christopher Gibbs and I are already working on development and concept art.
It is vitally important to me that she be portrayed and written with accuracy. Needless to say my research will be extensive. I am fortunate to have wonderful friends and acquaintances to help in this process.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Cutterverse Awakes

Quick updates on the forthcoming behemoth know as Cutter.

Our fan page hit 1000 yesterday. For independent creators this is a heavy milestone. Needless to say the entire team was ecstatic and of course we gave away some original art work in celebration.

We've decided to use our web page as more of an interactive tool. We solicit suggestion and comments from our fans.

We've asked them to help name one of our pivotal characters and ask for opinions on our current artwork and story arcs.

We post quotes from our characters and snippets of information about the Cutterverse and how life works there.

This is all preemptive to the release of  Cutter # 0

It's turning into this amazing little interactive universe and I have to admit, although it requires a feck ton of work I'm really enjoying it. I hope as the Cutter Team moves forward we can keep this interaction going and bring it with us.

 This is in no way an original idea, Steve Niles has been doing this same thing on his forum for countless years. I think being one of his disciples has shown me the importance of  being accessible and respecting your audience. Just another way a MENTOR has made my creative experience better and more fulfilling.

Christopher Gibbs and I are starting to commit to Cons around the country and the always being updated list is available on the events section of our Cutter page
Please stop in and help us spread the Cutterverse disease!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Support for Independent Creators

I have to admit I am no millionaire but I have taken the initiative to support independent creators on Kickstarter and other sites.

These brave souls place their dreams at the mercy of strangers. To me this equates with placing your child on a sacrificial alter.

I don't have much but I give what I can. When I look over their projects and see the love and dedication poured into each detail I gain so much respect.

The creative community is moving forward and cutting out the middle man. We are taking the initiative and
offering our work directly to the masses. Unchanged, exactly how we see it, without interference from those worried strictly about profit.

No longer are we victims of others that can't understand our vision.

I am just ecstatic to be involved in this revolution and I encourage you to take a look and send your support.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


The creative mind is a dark and twisted thing BUT loves to bask in the sun.
It can be stubborn – irrational – damaged beyond redemption – self destructive and moody.
Creative minds can also be caring and loyal – fiercely defensive of their loves – forging new paths into the unknown – irrepressible and free.
To balance all of this you must be a bit on the odd side.
Sometimes a creative person may be in the same room with you, but is actually a million miles away.
The inner workings are off and different from the considered norm.
I can attest that it is a stunning and brilliant roller coaster and creators are nothing if not FUN.
Christopher Gibbs and I have signed on to the Cincinnati Comic Convention and the Fan Boy Expo Knoxville for the upcoming year. We may also be heading to the Boston Comic Con BUT that is still on the table and has yet to made concrete.

Cutter is approaching publications and we have begun work on Issues #2 and #3
Gods & Monsters is still in the editing process. I have completed that final story I wanted to stick in there. I’m now in the re-write stage and hope to have it done this week.
We have posted new art and contests on the Cutter page, make sure you stop in. We welcome all questions and comments.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

New Cutter Artwork - Tim Shay

Sneek peek of some new Cutter artwork -Tim Shay - Come and visit us


The energy or motivation to accomplish or undertake something.
A force that causes the motion of an object to overcome resistance and maintain its velocity.
I’m reaching that crux that all creators can run into = EXHAUSTION!
 Multiple projects on the table, each one requiring you to be brilliant, (there’s no way in hell you’re not going to give 100% to anything you’re working on) promoting, marketing your brand, networking, making future commitments, PLUS making a living…….
New ideas for future work jotted down daily, the discipline to finish the things you’re working on instead of drifting to a new project.
All of this can turn into a rock slide of muck that rains down over all of those around you. A creator is married first and foremost to the WORK.
I know we try not to be, we try to give equal attention to all aspects of our life. In the end the love for creating will win out and it will always come first.  Our brains are wired that way, I shall quote Ben Templesmith – “I create because I have to.”
It proves difficult finding a balance; enough time for everything and the energy to provide what’s needed by the forenamed everything.
You must find the drive to push through, follow the course and see all aspects of creating + life to the conclusion.
It’s in there, you’ve got to track it down and beat it into submission.
  Never give up or sacrifice any aspect of what’s important.  
I will keep repeating that sentence like a mantra in hopes to continue to retain and preserve my sanity.  

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cutter Contest

Here’s your chance to make waves in the Cutterverse!
The Cutter Team has decided to let YOU name one of our most pivotal characters.  This character has major impact on John Cutter and has an important role in the entire series!
Before we start a few rules:
1.       No hate, insults or disrespect
2.       The contest will run for three days
3.       If your entry/name is chosen it will be used for the entire run of the series.
4.       The winner will also receive an original concept sketch of the character.
Ok here we go!
Our character is Transgender (male to female) and performs as a Drag Queen. She also African -American and ABSOLUTELY FIERCE!!! 
No bullshit – straight shooter - Brave, loyal, intelligent, fearless and gorgeous!
We need YOU to give us her STAGE NAME!
GOOD LUCK! Competition!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Appetite, Aphrodisia, Covetousness, Craving

There's an amazing book being created by 44 Flood that carries Lust  as its title. I'm a huge fangirl of the artists and writer of this project. This week they were in the midst of ending their kickstarter campaign AND breaking some records. Ben Templesmith, Menton3 and Steve Niles did a wonderful video explaining the premise. Essentially their views on The Vices and foremost Lust. Fascinating stuff.

Due to all of this I've spent a few days contemplating lust myself. As a catalyst for horror it's perfect. Excellent jumping point for conflict also.

Lust and its effects, how prevalent this tiny word to horror creators.

Nothing is quite so horrific as twisting physical love. Taking something so personal and sacred, exposing it - mauling, bleeding and beating it under a bright light.
Feeding this supposed most blissful event to the saliva filled maws of filth crusted monsters.

Most evil is consummated under  the umbrella of GREED OR BREED. Of course these can be broken down into millions of subsections.

If you really sit and think about the horrible atrocities that occur on a hourly basis within the cult of humanity you can trace a line (albeit a long and rambling line) directly to this one word.

Lust is not just about sex. You can have a lust for numerous things, a craving that can't be satisfied.

A lust for blood,a lust to cause harm - see death up close. A lust for power over others, a lust to be adored and to illicit lust in colleagues .

Quite the dynamic for such a tiny word.

Protagonists and their counterparts must have a drive, a conflict, a distraction - a craving to accomplish - essentially they must have lust in all its forms.

There are so many feelings and messages that can be carried on the back of this word. Three days of contemplation wasn't enough for me to explore all the possibilities.

I challenge you to think on lust, to inject it into a project - to experience the turmoil and radical upheaval - to manipulate your surroundings and human interactions with it.

Finally you will have to stare it right in the eye and LEARN from it.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tim Shay Joins The Cutterverse.

We here in the Cutterverse would like you to meet our newest addition Artist Tim Shay
Tim Shay is an avid freelance artist living in Southern California with his wife and 4 kids. He artwork has been featured in several projects including Breygent Marketing's Dexter Season 4, Deadworld, Red Sonja and Vampirella Sets, Cryptozoic's Tarzan, Batman: The Legend, and The Walking Dead (Seasons 1 and 2) sets, as well as Gary Reed's "Voices from the Deadworld" graphic novel.
He strives to capture a lot of realism and emotion in his artwork. He has some exciting projects lined up for the future and continues to thrive on a steady diet of ink and lead.
For contact information and samples of his work, please visit or his Fan Page at
Come check out some more of his work



Loving the broken and repellent.
 Why do we care so much for those evil baddies?
Could it be that we recognize the evil in ourselves just under the surface?
Absolution of the worst evil, at least one redeeming quality, something we can identify with. Does it give us hope that we can also be saved?
It’s extremely difficult to write a villain / antagonist that that has nothing within them the populous can identify with.
Even the most horrific characters in fiction have a fan base that adores them.
What is this draw to the unclean?
The urge to redeem - to save - to find something (anything) sympathetic.
Cases in point – pick a legit serial killer and watch his documentary. Cute pictures from childhood, how they volunteered at the ASPCA or a church group. Meanwhile on the weekends they were skinning and eating children.
The human need to redeem ever the highest form of filth is fascinating.
This is why I use my main villain / antagonist to deliver some of the most important meanings within my work.  Nothing sticks in the brain better than an excellent bad guy.
 I understand the protagonist IS the most important piece of the puzzle. In certain instances you just can’t pile that much dirt on them. Their journey may contain a completely different message or emotion.
My favorite archetype to write, using this beast you can combine the “I don’t give a fuck,” of the bad guy – with the twisted need to do good shit and be loved.
 What a journey this guy can take you on.
Don’t be afraid to let the story voice take complete control. Don’t forget to pour that hidden vision into the killer/ monster/ evil alien/ serial killer. They can often be the best catalyst for impact.

Monday, October 29, 2012


Writers take their own fears, views, traumas and turn them into fodder for their fiction.
From childhood we collect impressions and feelings. These are taken and through hard work or a soul selling pact, we place them into our words. We don’t quote – we just extract the feelings created.
The best of us can delve the deepest, re live the worst and slap you in the face with overwhelming clarity.
I take my collected thoughts, experiences, interactions and such and then turn them into monsters.
I then use these metaphors to create a vision / message of the opinion I’m trying to secretly tell my readers.
I guess you could look at these methods as some form of subtle implantation. As a horror writer I find this highly acceptable.
In the course of my writing I tackle several touchy subjects. A re- occurring theme involves religion.  Nothing gets a reaction out of people quicker that poking around with God.  I don’t just write about religion to get a reaction. The subject has confounded and provoked me my entire life. May hap the creation of my work is some kind of self imposed therapy. If so, it’s not working. I come out at the end with more questions and subjects to twist.
Enough rambling for now – UPDATE ON PROJECTS TIME!
Cutter # 0 has started its final decent. We are almost ready to put the whole thing together and disburse it to the masses.  We are still conducting giveaways on our Facebook page so please stop in
Gods & Monsters progresses slowly since I added that last story. My editor is most like to kill me before this is over. We look for it to go off to print sometime in January.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cutter T Shirt Giveaway

When our Cutter fan page hits 200 we will be giving away our brand new Cutter T shirts. Stop in and check out the page. comments and inquiries  are appreciated.
T-shirt design drawn by Christopher Gibbs

It's a Win.....

 When I first started learning how to transition from a novel / short story writer to a comic book / script writer I asked a few comic professional to read my stuff and tell me what they thought.

The feedback (to my amazement) was very positive. The most interesting thing as far as critique was they thought I should change or shorten (contract) some of the words in my dialogue. They felt that sometimes my protagonist would speak in a stilted manor not used when real people talk.

I had to explain that some people who suffer severe PTSD and realize they could be having an episode or find themselves under extreme stress - often talk themselves through it.
They use clear precise words, NO contractions - almost like some kind of an instructional video. Not all individuals use this coping technique BUT in my script my protagonist does.

This makes me worry a bit about the reception the comic will receive when it hits distribution. I don’t expect everyone to be an expert on PTSD, especially the severe form my protagonist (John Cutter) suffers from.

 Don’t get me wrong, this is not a stereotyping of the disorder. My perspective comes from personal and other contacts with numerous individuals (and myself) that suffer and deal with this issue daily.
PTSD is just one small part of my protagonist. He understands what he’s dealing with and copes the best he can. It doesn't define him and it’s not the only aspect of his personality and background revealed.
It does impact him and it does set conflict and create problems he must overcome.

After much deliberation and self-doubtt I decided to remain true to my vision and leave the dialogue the same.

To me this “coping mechanism” is part of the SOUL of my protagonist. If I modified it because others didn't understand the issue I would be a hypocrite.

The creation of the protagonist and the universe he lives in came from the need to inform.
I can be equally happy with someone that totally understands my vision OR someone that doesn't understand – hates it- BUT is driven to SEE.
 I think I like that one the best.
 Forcing someone to open their eyes to anything, even if it’s uncomfortable – is a win. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Coffin Hop 2012

This year there are over 100 authors of the horror genre come together to celebrate our favorite time of the year. Stop in to check out these amazing authors blog's and take a peek at mine too if you fancy. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Tired Tentacles

I've spent the day working on the business end of writing and creating. Looking through distributors and finishing up some more promotional swag for Cutter. Tentacled T shirts will be available SOON.

My artist partner Christopher Gibbs is at the Fan Boy Convention in Tennessee this weekend. This will be the first introduction of our Cutter marketing swag to the public and I can't wait to get feedback. The Cutter Fan Page is up and running strong. Please visit us at You could win free stuff! Please leave your contact information as a message and we will be glad to place you on the list to receive Cutter #0 - FREE! Upon publication the end of November.

My next book, Gods & Monsters, is coming together nicely. We are still in the editing stage AND developing a cover. I've backed myself in a corner.....I started another piece  and I REALLY want this story included.....may be a slight delay but if I believe IT CAN BE DONE!!!

Soon Christopher and I will put our heads together and set up a list of upcoming conventions.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tasting Green and Feeling Orange

The impact of mentors on baby creators.
 Over the past several days I had the extraordinary opportunity to get advice, information and suggestions from someone I’ve admired (as a writer and artist) for years.
Just a few words and a little time have re fueled my creative fire.  I don’t think enough emphasis is put on the importance of mentors.
I know that those who’ve achieved success and have spent some of their time gifting ME with that hard earned knowledge have helped me avoid the pitfalls and failures that are almost required.  
Another kind writer has offered extensive advice and encouragement.  I credit him for teaching me the importance of making things happen on the merits of your own power.
Instead of being selfish and attempting to keep others from creating great things, a few have stepped up and quietly extended their hands.
They may even face the ridicule of their peers.  I watched an acutely cute version of this. The comments were meant in jest BUT it showed a clear divide between the person that respected me as a growing fellow creator and an individual smug and comfortable in their success.
If YOU are a mentor, THANK YOU….. If YOU have a mentor - you are a lucky bastard and must treat them kindly and realize how important they will be to your future.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Monsters Marching Forward...

The promo poster and stickers for Cutter are in the HOUSE! Outstanding art from Christopher Gibbs and Dennis Willman......The Legion moves forward. We have also launched our fan page an invite you to take a look and  sign up for art and promo giveaways. Get on the list for Cutter # 0. We have a shite ton of surprises in store!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Illusion and Reality

 I explained in earlier posts some of my time this week, time I most often set aside for writing, has been given to study of the craft. As a neurotic spider monkey with an OCD problem I believe I can always improve.
Write better, create better characters…improve in all aspects of the craft and just BE better. On this note I was reading some excellent material on inspiration and themes. That age old question “Where do you get those ideas?”
Although I write about monsters and terror my inspiration comes from “THINGS” that happen around me, from the smallest detail of life to the most significant worldwide incident. I pull snippets and bits from everything, Overheard conversations, interactions between strangers, trash, stray animals, frozen squid…everything.
One theme I return to again and again is the aspect of illusion and reality. What is real and what is not. What appears to be REAL but may not be.
It is my firm belief that each person’s reality is as different and individual as they are. How you view the world is as unique as your fingerprint. Outside influences may bend and shape your perception BUT the view from your castle is your very own.
My own perception of how human’s view reality shapes my outlook and worms its way into a vast amount of my fiction, to lose your grasp on reality and not be able to verify what is there and what isn’t ….that’s a terrifying thought.
To realize your grasp is slipping, to know that what you are seeing and hearing may not be there….BUT HOW CAN YOU NOT TRUST YOU OWN EYES AND EARS? To fully understand that your grasp on sanity is slipping and not have a way to tighten your grip….well that’s where horror comes from.
I enjoy slipping back and forth during my writing, keeping the reader from fully understanding if what is happening to the characters is really happening or is this just the final break down.
I believe this creeps into my writing due to the fact I’ve had numerous experiences in my life with mental illness and it’s after effects. This influence is drawn from my job in law enforcement or through members of my own family. Perhaps this is my way of dancing around my own darkest fear. The fear that I may lose my grasp on what is real and what isn’t.  hmmmmm …. I believe this tuning up thing is working.

Christopher Gibbs and I have gotten started on some promotional gear for the launch of our horror comic series Cutter.
First off we will be publishing a teaser issue (Cutter # 0) during November.
Posters, T shirts and stickers will start finding there was around your local Cons AND we hope these wonderful goodies will prime you for the debut of Cutter #1. (Early 2013)
 Promotional stickers….Come see us at our next Con and pick one up.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Passion, October and a Comic Convention

October for me is filled with all things good. This is the time of year when horror steps to the front of the line and strangles all aspects of normal.
For a monster lover like myself there is really nothing so wonderful.
I’ve been brushing up on the craft. Giving myself a tune up and learning a few new skills. In the world of comics & graphic novels writing and creating has its own language. My background is based firmly in short stories and novels.  Learning how to say the equivalent of three pages of dialogue and description in little under ten words has been a bit like learning to speak Mandarin.
Ideas have been coming fast and hard these last few weeks. I have filled notebooks with outlines and snippets for use in the future.  All my focus for the duration needs to be on Cutter #0 and my upcoming anthology Gods & Monsters. Once these are finished it’s straight to work on Cutter #1 and putting the finishing touches on the novel Keepers. Those lovely beauties are going to have to sit for a while before I can do them any justice.
I’ve also learned recently the extreme importance of having your creative team mesh well. Just one person that doesn’t have the same passion and love for project you’re working on can send out little ripples of negativity and frustration. I’m lucky in the fact that my creative partner and I both have the same amount of intensity and love for our joint work. Perhaps it’s our own fault for expecting others to fit well and be comfortable in this environment. More often than not Christopher Gibbs and I can finish each others thoughts when it comes to Cutter and our vision for the work.
If you’re down in Tampa this weekend come say hello at the Tampa Bay Comic Convention. Drop in and support some wonderfully talented folks!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Returning From the Dead – A Handbook for Beginners

Things are progressing at warp speed and I’m having one hell of a joy ride.

Cutter progresses forward. Dennis Willman has joined Christopher Gibbs and me in the CUTTER horror comic book universe.
Cutter # 0 is on task to be unleashed at the end of this month. Cutter #1 script is complete and is waiting in the wings.  Christopher and I have some wonderfully tentacle filled goodness in the future regarding this project and are having one hell of a good time bringing it to life. We hope to both start the Con circuit together in the near future.   

Autumn Painted Red has finally been released and is available on Amazon.  My first foray into nonfiction and I really enjoyed stepping back in time and visiting the PIT that was Whitechapel.
I’m currently working on a horror anthology comprised completely of my own work. This has been a challenge from the outset.  My Editor Carol, of Editorial Alchemy – Sarasota, is helping me gather together all my wayward children (short stories) and whip them into shape. Things are just getting rolling so I can foresee many weeks of work left.
Sometime in the near future a zombie anthology featuring two pieces of mine titled, The Final Migration will be ready for release.  Another awesome collaboration of talented creators I was asked to be a part of.  I can’t wait for this one to hit; the stories are just epic and a nice slant on the whole zombie apocalypse idea.

I’ve just recently started another project that I have to admit is completely inspired by those patient souls that serve me pints at my favorite pub. I know, I know - big rule is you don’t write about people you know. I’m not exactly doing that. The characters are somewhat inspired by those whom I call friends. Also they get killed and get to kill werewolves.  Now who in the hell doesn’t want to be a part of that? This project is still in the research stage but I have a clear idea of where it’s going.
Of course I’m still working on the novel  Keepers. I hoping to see this finished at the beginning of the new year AND progress into a serial.
That’s what I’ve been up to. Things are taking off and I really don’t see them slowing down anytime soon.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Using The Human Infection

 One of  the things I've found I take delight in is discussing my writing projects, themes and basic outlines with those that don't usually read horror or Dark Fantasy.

I tried a little experiment tonight and I truly enjoy the reaction of those brave souls who let me tell my tales of giant bug monsters kidnapping artists, cannibal babies, eleven year old sociopaths  or the Death coming to visit for tea.

They and their reactions give me invaluable input on how to make my stories and writing better. This evening I had a lively discussion with a group of people more apt to read such things as Eat, Pray, Love instead of H.P. Lovecraft. The onslaught of suggestions and questions helped me deepen my plot and tweak my characters, for several of the projects I'm working on.

 It also helps to come out of my comfort zone and have people criticize  my outlook and the fact I love my Monsters. It helps me improve my methods of verbal seduction in order to get them to open their minds, try something new and read the entire book.

All in all, this group was invaluable and I think I may have gained a fan or two...

Friday, August 10, 2012

Manifesting Fear

I find that as a horror writer / creator you must be unafraid to take your reader to that dark place they don't want to look into.

This skill requires an almost abduction like have to make your reader choose to see that place. You have to seduce them, trick them, or even blitz them into that spot. Convince them they want to see whats behind the locked door. Make them think they would LOVE to dive into the muck.

I like to leave my readers with a feeling of unease, something that may creep up again at two in the morning as you navigate the pitch black house OR cross a parking lot, in a less savory area - alone - returning to your car.

I don't want you to feel safe, I want you to embrace the horror all around, festering in the real world. I strive for writing that captures that reaction and pushes it to the forefront. my Monsters don't want to be ignored, they want to play.

I like to create a sense of normalcy...maybe take a group or structure we thinks keeps us safe. Break that bad boy open and show you the maggots and puss right under the surface.

When I start creating characters and put words to paper I never let these motivations get too far out of focus.

On that, the writing has been moving freely the last two days. My collaboration with Christopher Gibbs is developing into something that just may shatter my own expectations. Each day I see CUTTER stretch and grown. The story, the characters are rising out of the miasma to become solid and textured.

The next few days will be for review and deep thinking on how I should progress on each of the pieces and projects I've got my hands in.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sensitive Beasts

What  does it say about humans when they de-claw and de-fang all the Big Bads?

Our Monsters represent an outlet to deal with the most basic deep rooted fears. I've watched countless people pontificate on what stressors each creature represents.

What does it mean when you take these magnificent beings and make them sexless, bloodless cuddly white knights.....

As a Monster lover I can't fathom the reasoning behind this.

Each individual must have an outlet to blow off steam,  something to help quell that never ending fear that drowns each day of life. To plug that outlet on purpose, to me, is tantamount to mental suicide.

I will continue to create creatures with fangs and rage, beings that won't monologue with their food.
I shall swim in the seas of blood and terror as happily as if I myself were monstrous.

For those who wish their Monsters to be saviors, I am not the creator for you. No chaste sparkly vampires, no angst ridden werewolves or ghosts striving to help you down your path.

Here these beasts may live as they should, tearing your sanity and slurping up your soul. Inspiring and reaping the terror, unease and  fear they produce.

I don't have an answer to the question I posed earlier. To me there is no logical explanation for such things. I refuse to dissect humans' mental  coping mechanisms, on the grounds that I really don't give a shit.

I do invite you to join me on my side of the fence. Tread carefully, here there be  dragons....and they really will eat your face. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

It Ain't A Party Without Tentacles.

Here's the first look at John Cutter..the main protagonist for our horror comic book script  Cutter.
 I would like to announce the creative partnership between myself and artist, Christopher Gibbs. Our creator owned efforts will  combined to meld the written aspect of horror to the visual. It's been a wonderful week of hammering out details. Mr. Gibbs is an amazing talent. We  think along the same twisted wavelength and travel the same monster filled roads. Introducing John Cutter...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Squid Inks........

This week has been hectic BUT things have progressed nicely.
I believe I’ve found a creative partner / artist. This just took about a million pounds of stress off my shoulders.
This gentleman’s work is amazing, and when all the details are finalized I will be showing off his art all over the place.
I think he’s absolutely brilliant.
The most amazing part is working with someone who’s just as excited about THE PROJECT as I am.
This makes me write better, write more and work harder to produce something worthy of his talent and enthusiasm.

We’ve started collaboration (brewing nasty plans, plotting world domination)  already and I think this baby is going to be everything I believed it could be, and more due to his input. Like I said when we iron out the specifics I will introduce you.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Multitasking Cephalopods & Hunting Artistic Genius

I recently put out a call for artists and illustrators. I'm looking for that rare creative partner with just  that pinch of insanity.

The response has been wonderful, I think I've found the artist I can see bringing my vision to life. BUT I've sent the script and descriptions to a few. What they send me back, as far as their concept from my writing, will determine who I team up with. It's not really about me, you see its about the characters. Their voices and what makes them happy.

This past week has encompassed a lot of movement, managing real life and various creative projects. Out with the old, in with the new. The first tentative steps down a new path of independent creation.  These changes and this new energy don't come without moments of doubt and vast expanses of reflection.

The driving force, my main focus is to see my comic script take its first breath of life. This is center and the target of my manic obsession. Each new effort, hour, thought...brings me one step closer to that realization.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bleach Baths, Slime, Violence, Editors and Of Course Squid

I’ve spent the last week searching for an artist/ creative partner to help me breathe life into one of my scripts.
I tried the easy way of breaking into comics and found I didn’t care for it. There’s only so much ass kissing of self important prigs I can produce.
After a few months and then a bleach shower to get rid of the slime, I felt that maybe, I should retain creator control and break this bitch out INDIE style. I’ve done some quiet research and crept around the outskirts of some amazing artists. Tentatively made contact, and hope with all my little black heart, I don’t run into anymore pratts.
I don’t just want some kinda pre-fab, run-o-the-mill crap. I want a partner, an insane partner. (Preferably one that likes squid and sun-dip) The search continues and I’m being picky so I’m sure it may take a moment.
The novel plods on, the story is getting told, and it’s moving slowly. The characters are showing enormous patience for my ADD and my constant multi tasking. That being said,  I’m working on some more short stories and of course am looking at contributing to a few more anthologies.

Autumn Painted Red is out; it’s my first foray into non-fiction. I have to admit I loved the hell out of this piece and the work that went into creating it. Find your copy at Asylum Ink.

I’ve moved to a new editor, Carol Gaskin of Editorial Alchemy. We’ve been tossing random communications back and forth for about a month. She finally agreed to deal with my insane bullshit and we start our partnership officially August 3. The wonderful thing is she’s almost local so if she needs to beat some sense into my thick skull, it will only take her about 45 minutes to commence the violence.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Voices In The Head

   Another San Diego Comic Con has come and gone. It looks like there were some amazing creator types living it up last week. Can’t wait to take a look at the projects they are stewing over.

I’m starting a new partnership with an editor. I think we both travel along a similar wavelength and I see great things for us both in the future. An excellent benefit is she lives just a few hours away, so we will be able to communicate at great length.
 Books, Comics and other writing creations are a cumulative effort of the many. To give birth to your idea and have it fully grown and ready to stand on its own, you have to have an excellent team behind you. Everyone from your family to those who work in the creation biz, to the terrified people on planes you explain your ideas too; leave an imprint on your work. The help make it strong and interesting enough for others to want to invest their time and emotions.
Autumn Painted Red is out and is available from Asylum Ink. It’s great to see this project completed.
The last few days have been spent in the joyous haze of finding new and inspiring authors and devouring their work.
I shall resume work on Keepers this weekend.
Another anthology still in the works is titled; The Final Migration, mine and a group of talented creators take on the zombie apocalypse.  I’ve read the material and I have to admit I’m pretty excited to see a different slant on the ever popular monster. I enjoyed the Hell out of writing my pieces for that book.
As ever “LIFE” continues to try and interrupt my writing, working as a lawman drains almost every drop of energy and humanity. 
Thankfully the voices in my head refuse to allow THAT itty bitty issue to stop their persistent screams.
Good news is, lawman work has finally been lassoed and drugged to within an inch of its life. This should mean more creative output from me AND more networking updates.  

Monday, July 9, 2012

Back From The Dead

 Life has been interceding, interrupting and bleeding its puss all over my writing.

 Found an editor, came up with more than a few new ideas for projects......Still looking for an artist and as always working on Keepers.

The novel keeps evolving causing me to have to re write and mold the events to fit my characters whispers.

I hope I've beaten the horse called life to death and shall presently be eating burgers made from its persistent flesh.

More updates as I progress.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Exorcism Response Team

A Priest, a cop and a General of Hell gather for a pending invasion in America's only preternatural concentration camp. Just for giggles God throws an Archangel in the mix.

Welcome to Claremont Research and Containment Facility .......

Yes they do have and Exorcism Response Team, for when that pesky demon is to much for the regular line staff to deal with........

Thats a brief look into Keepers,....... work is going well.

Monday, June 18, 2012


The Novel (must be said with emphasis!) now has a name. I'm about six chapters in and the words are flowing pretty easily.

I'm having an ecstatic time listening to these amazing characters whisper their stories into my brain. of course this is the honeymoon stage, creating the first draft. let's see if I'm still enamored during the fourth revision when they want to change things.....

On the flip side I'm casually scanning around for an artist. I really want to find someone with visceral in your face style. I'm wanting to create a DIY/ Indie comic, adult themed horror, have the script ready just need to find the right one to bring it to life.

Autumn Painted Red is ready for release, all the contributors approved the final draft and its off to be printed and e booked & such.

Boston was an eye opening experience and I've recently done a Huge amount of self assessment. it's time to move forward and make things happen. Mentors are great, when you find the right one. You can depend on that type of guidance completely. You have to be willing to take risks and make things happen.

Pave your own fucking roads and such. I think I'm perfectly suited for kicking down doors and making people read at gun point.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Punk Grows Up

 Over the past few months I've noticed a huge surge in nostalgia toward those years of my youth, in which I attacked the WORLD/ NORMALCY/ STATUS QUO / SHIT EVERYTHING with the venom and anger that could only find brethren in the Punk Scene.

I have savored watching movies like, The Other F Word, American Hardcore and many others popping up to remind me just how fucking old I've gotten. I'm watching old footage of Black Flag circa 1980's Cali, seeing these beautiful boys and girls rampage......and it hits me...........I'VE TURNED INTO THE FUCKING ESTABLISHMENT......... e gads.......I was never supposed to get this old.

Honestly I'm not that bitter. The years have given me the wisdom and resilience to focus my rage and turn it into a motivating force. I wouldn't be the animal that I am if it hadn't been for those brief years of resentment induced freedom.

Watching the footage from those films, I see we've all gotten a little grayer, a little more hesitant to strike out at those around of. Hell, some of us have grown a conscience.

Occasionally we old punks run into each other at school functions, the grocery store or at work. Sometimes the shirts slip revealing some ink. Maybe you've got a small PennyWise or Bad Brains sticker on your family car.

Just another step on the journey. I've got kids of my own, and they get a huge kick outta the pictures of me with purple hair. This entire rant is just a nod and a thank you to those who reveled in the music, the art, the written word of that experience. A brief look back to those who didn't make it out. A hell yeah to those of us that infiltrated and took over.

But, I swear.....if I hear Adolescents or SSD on a classic rock station....I will come at you with a machete...... 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Learning the Hardway

For most of my life I've been that person that has to learn things the hard way.

I'm not sure if it's because I refuse to accept defeat OR I still walk through life thinking most people can't really be all that bad.

For the first time in my "writing" life, I was forced to confront the fact that some people may not be helping you out or working with you, out of the kindness of their hearts.

This doesn't mean that I can't conquer and overcome, it doesn't mean I won't continue to write and publish. It's just a tiny set back in a profession full of rejection and discourse. 

I learned something this past week, there is always another way to chase success. If you can attain it once, you can run it down, beat it over the head and claim it again.

Work on the novel is going slowly, I've had a lot to process and think over the last few days. No matter what obstacles other throw, I can't and won't lose my love of the craft and my eternal passion for the story.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

8 Days till Boston

Looking at just eight days till I'm Boston bound.

I have to decide if I'm going to stop working on the novel and do some research on an anthology I was asked to participate in.

The wonderful thing about this project is, I get to make werewolves back into flesh ripping monsters. This amazing archetype has dissolved into little more than puppy fluff of what it used to be.

My mission as a writer is to bring back the terror, give the monsters back their fangs and taste for destruction. 

Something to think over as I start packing.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Soothing The Savage Beast

 I have to take just a moment to reflect on how music helps me write.

  I tend to think of this as another artist / creator once again extending their hand to make me better at the craft.

  My characters all have their own favorite songs and sometimes....they tell me what they want to hear when we get ready to write a certain scene. Even the Monsters speak up and hand me a request list.

   It amazes me how some art work, music or even watching an actor project emotions non verbally can inspire me to write better, create better.....hell just do better at the craft.

  Have you even seen an artist that can make you literally FEEL the texture of the color blue? Or taste the color green?

 I have, his name is Ben Templesmith, look him up.....truly an amazing individual.

 I tend to focus more on the music, perhaps that's my selfish nature BUT some songs help that movie that's constantly running in my head snap into sharper focus.

Cutter wouldn't have been half so angry and terrifying without Hendrix and Hunt The Winterlands not half so engrossing without Florence and the Machine....My tastes are varied and I steal from all genres of our modern bards.

 Writing this novel with my schizophrenic / bi - polar Pandora station in the background has led to some amazing chapters today.

I couldn't have done near so well without this particular aspect of The Muse.

Monday, May 28, 2012

What Was That Noise?

That noise is the sound of my brain hitting over-drive.

Research is going well, I've gotten back into writing blogs and the day job has decided to stop interfering for a few.

Today I immersed myself in the world of Doctor Who and pulled off another character analysis. I do love my Doctor. check out the post at Please leave a comment or two.

The info gathering for the novel is clicking along at warp speed. Soon it will be time to let the Muse take possession of the flesh suit and put all these ramblings on paper.

I did take some time to look over a few Indie Projects on Indiegogo. Everyone should stop in and take a look. Some brilliant work out there that needs support.


Back to the lawman stuff, if we should meet as I'm out and about and I ask you, what do you think is the best way to cage a wraith demon......just roll with it.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Doctor Her & Contributing

The best creators take time out to mentor up and comers like me. Those who've established themselves firmly in the creator community  take time to instruct and walk us newbies through the confusion of creating as a business.

When I started writing as more than just an activity to get the snarl of chaos out of my brain, I had no idea the ins and outs of what it really took to get your work out to be read.

I owe a huge debt to numerous creators in all fields for helping and teaching me how to do it right.

I myself, though not even close to being as well known as those that helped me, have started contributing myself. I was invited to write for a blog that discusses the impact of Doctor Who on culture from a woman's perspective. Although the blog ( revolves around The Doctor, we branch out all over the place and discuss numerous topics that impact lives and world views.

The contributors are diverse and the post and topics are thought provoking.

 I invite you to support your Indie Creators and take a look at the blog. Feel free to leave comments or ask the site web mistress (Courtney Stoker) if you'd like to be a guest contributor.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Getting into my my research....

 I love creating new things. That's the fun of being a fiction writer and it's even better if you write horror. My mad scientist labratory is filled with evil little darlings stirring to life.

The novel is twisting into half parts monster concentration camp + wars in hell + genetic experimentation, to half parts humanity proving it's still worth a shit to the cosmos + the acceptance of all that is different + not being on the top of the food chain.

A mish mash of  mixed ideals and lots of blood. I'm excited to see this start to develop and take on a life and soul of its own.

I don't know who I'm in love with more, my protagonist, her partner or the antagonist.

The research and creation of my alternate universe continues. A couple of pages quickly written up,  just to put down certain aspects these characters keep yelling about inside my head.

Granite Con fastly approaches, this sees me off to Boston / New Hampshire with my Team that worked on Cutter. It will be fantastic to get out and rub elbows again with other comic creators. My last foray at Wizard Con in New Orleans was an awesome learning experience. I love being emersed in the creator community.

 The next few months ore on track to be a superb adventure.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shuffling That Monster Walk

It's zombie week on Chiller....

This proves quite the distraction when attempting to work on your new novel. More planning and plotting completed. The main protagonist is pretty acerbic and angry, this should prove to be an interesting ride.

The supporting cast is immensely diverse, so many personalities bouncing around in the old noggin this evening. Of course there are a multitude of monsters throughout.

 A few pages written and I see the story and characters grow stronger in their voice. Right now is the fun part. In a few weeks when the plot starts twisting and the story starts mutating, it should get even more interesting. It's not really work yet, I'm to full of plans and I keep telling myself I know exactly where everything is going. 

Anyone who writes knows this is a line of bull shite we feed ourselves.

Wrote a piece for the Doctor Her Blog, but I appear to have forgotten my password to get in. I'm waiting on a response from the wonderful blog mistress, Courtney Stoker so I may share my outlook on  Captain Jack Harkness. I'm hoping this stirs up some debate and discussion since I've taken the piece at a completely different  angle to the norm.

Lawman work resumes tomorrow and I'm sure it shall be as wonderful (insert sarcasm) as always. I shall persist in putting words down on paper every day even if it kills me OR someone else tries to kill me.

Monday, May 21, 2012


   First day of work on the new project.

  Character profiles are complete, and I have begun construction on an outline. Just as a guide through the murk, nothing in writing is set in stone.

 The idea is there, the story is beautiful and I'm already attached to the characters.

 Tonight I'm just going to rest and re-energize. I shall start putting the words to paper tomorrow.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Monsters on Parade

This month marks the culmination of hard work, involving many parties, of quite a few projects. I am finally starting to see and hold the evidence of my evolution AND success as a writer. I've never been known for my patience and to say the wait has unbearable would be an understatement.

Three projects finished, two in publication and the third ready to ship to the publisher. I'm immensely pleased with the finished products and hope my readers will enjoy them.

The foray into comic book creation has also reached its boiling point. The first script is finished, the cover and pin up are now in the hands of the Illustrator and the next step will be publication. This I believe is the work I'm most proud of. The learning process and the wonderful community of comic book creators has infused my writing and attitude with energy and love for the craft, all over again.

I do have two short pieces to be published in two separate dark fiction / horror magazines.
Look for them in the future from Asylum Ink and Dark River Press.

It's now time to start some new projects, create horror and unleash more monsters.

My first order of business will be to finish up a novel that's been in the works for a while. Other projects and creations having taken precedence over its culmination.

She's been very patient, waiting for me to commit. With my focus harnessed and my spirit re energized the words shall flow and the monsters shall ravage.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Tempting The Ripper

   Last night I was able to look over and revel in the fruits of my labor. I was able to peruse the completed and ready to print version of an anthology featuring one of my pieces.

Let me introduce you to, Autumn Painted Red, to be published and released by Asylum Ink the end of this month.

  This book has been a righteous bastard to get to print. Its moved publishers and been held hostage for months. Finally free and nearing its debut I have to say the bastard has a special place in my heart.

 This is the first non-fiction project I have ever worked on. I found myself loving the process of research  and spinning my special brand of dark prose history. The book is a new look at the influence of Jack the Ripper on our collective psyche. I don't mean a break down of the case and the ever present "who done it." This is a glimpse through the eyes of writers, poets and artists on how this so human of monsters, still holds  a grip on our throats all these years later. 

  My piece in the book is, Tempting the Ripper, and it was a joy to mix my darkness and love of monsters into the reality of factual atrocity.

 The wonderful thing  is the fact that this mystery, this horror has no definable answer . No matter how many times this body is  dissected, studied and debated, we shall have no truth from it. There is no conclusion, no end, no reason as to why and NO CLOSURE. As a species we are so very attached to closure. This stands as the true horror of Saucy Jack. He's still out there, he will always be out there, laughing at us as we try to fit the puzzle pieces together.

I will of course announce the release date once I am given the go ahead.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Unleashing Cutter

Here I am in the final throws of bringing Cutter to life. The step of creating a cover for his introduction to the world has me stuck in pause. I see him, I've listened to John Cutter's story and find my world tied to his. As the writer on this adventure it is absolutely my responsibility to present him, showing all his vulnerabilities as well as his complete bad- assedness. To describe this for an artist / illustrator is proving difficult. I'm not happy with anything I write.

I've got the scene, I know what's in the background, I know it like the back of my hand. I know where Cutter is standing and I know what he's doing. I believe this is the point where you have to trust your artist. With all the trepidation of a new mother I just need  to hand over my special child and let the team have their way with it.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

In the Time of Love & Monsters

I started working on a horror fiction piece about a week ago. It's a short story for a  fabulous magazine known for its support of the Indie community. The entire thing takes a look at the insane and boundless love brought on by motherhood, with a monster and the end of the world brought on by said monster .

In the beginning the words just tumbled out. the characters spoke their parts and I just stood by and put them on paper.


The characters and the story started evolving, changing and stampeding off in an entirely new direction. All the preparation and research geared toward the left became irrelevant as the story took a clear right turn and headed straight for morning....

Now I'm facing a deadline BUT I'm going to have to start back at square one. Meeehhh, so what, the new story and the new outlook is better than what my initial plans and preparation created. The Muse will have her say and I shall happily continue as just the voice box.

The crux is this, projecting the very real and tangible love of a mother for her child within the gruesome and horrific torso of horror. No cliches no stereotypes, something new, something chilling.....

All I have to have is the courage and fortitude to follow this path to the end and NOT LOOK AWAY.
Once I accept this and the fact that I really have no control over how  this piece progresses (If I want it to be more than shite on paper) the words will begin to flow and the story will be told.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rabid Tentacles and Such

    The comic script is complete. The beast turned out to be twenty five pages instead of twenty two. I believe after re writes I'll have the little bastard darling firmly within his twenty two page box. John Cutter walks amongst you now, all monsters beware!

   Next on the project agenda is a contribution to the blog Doctor Her. I've been rather neglectful during my battle to perfect Cutter. The blog is based on certain beliefs both political and social. I love being a featured contributor for the simple fact it keeps me "SMART."

   After running around in the multiple universes of my creation, dealing with real people and real issues can become problematic. Sure you want to discuss the thirty six ways there are to kill a werewolf or how to blow of a Prince of Hell, I got you. Now after a couple of weeks sequestered away writing, ask me whats going on in the REAL WORLD.......I got nothing.

    Doctor Her allows me to combine my love of science, fiction, writing, horror, and life lessons with the nasty problems facing real people. It keeps my research skills sharp and give me a metaphorical way to suggest solutions or incite debate.

  I've got my new topic and I've started my research, please feel free to stop buy any time. Leave comments, join in the debates, whatever you choose to do keep your mind in gear and for the love of all things, STAY SHARP!!!

Comic Script Writing and the Onslaught of Verbal Vomit

   Writing dialogue for a comic book, no matter what genre, is absolutely frustrating for the novelist. I believe perhaps it maybe easier for me, seeing that I write horror and dark fantasy. There's some, not a lot, but some practice with condensing your verbiage.

  What has to happen when writing for comics is.....each word must be carefully weighted, petted, cooed over and dissected from each angle before you use it. Each word has to convey the mood, the meaning and the overall theme.

  When writing short fiction or a novel you can use pages or paragraphs to covey these messages. In comics you MAY, just MAY, get to use four words.

    Most of your story and the lives of your characters should be see by the reader, like a snapshot in one space of time. most of your writing conveys limited directions to your artist on how you want the panels to look and the overall feel of the entire story.

   My job as the writer is to condense everything the characters need to say and the actions and interactions into twenty-two too thirty -four pages of awesomeness. Within these pages I've got my theme, the plot, the background of my characters, their motivations, and the creation of a story that makes you want to give a fuck about why they are doing what they do.

  The time I spend on each section of dialogue is MONUMENTAL to what I used to do when pumping out short fiction or working on a novel.

  I can tell you this type of writing makes you smarter, more creative, concise and well planned with the journey you commit to taking. You come to understand that empires rise and fall from the whisper or shout of just one word.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

When Reality Kills the Monster

    I've been wrangling these insane ideas in my head for years, never once has the Muse stopped answering, until today.

   Finishing my project today has been an Olympic event. The act of putting anything besides shit down on paper has been exhausting. I shall endeavor to conquer on.

    Writing for me is all about the mind set. I have to be set to to let the Mind Monster loose. The Monster finds the Muse, they whisper sweet things in dark closet. I creep up and scribble down the ramblings. Often or not there are a few squid in the mix too. The problem, the car crash, the killer, the virus occurs when "REALITY" and "WORRY" stand between the Monster, the Muse and myself.

   Just have to re-set the brain and find the right station, then transmission can begin again.

    Looking over my current projects, things I've already posted about prior, I can see I'm progressing. I can see things getting finished polished and off to run amok amidst the normal folks.

    My main focus today is completion of my twenty two page comic book script for Cutter. These characters deserve to have their story told. It's my responsibility to put it down in the best possible manor.

    Comic book writing is all about the seeing, novel writing weaves a picture with words. Sounds similar doesn't it? Well it absolutely isn't. Both very separate mediums, with techniques exclusive to the particular craft.

    I've found an artist that plans to help me bring Cutter and his world to life. This particular project has become my special little darling, and we're supposed to kill our darlings aren't we? Maybe I just don't want to let this story or these characters go because they are so real to me.

   Regardless of my subconscious reasons, the Monster and the Muse demand their sacrifice and I shall kill my special darling this week.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Demons, Dead Girls and Monsters

  It has been some time since my last post. Real life interrupting the writer at work, real life has been beaten with a stick and chased back to its closet.  I’m now able to devote myself to the whispers of evil tales inside the noggin.
  I have been learning the art of comic script writing and boy what a devious mistress she is. I’m currently working on my first twenty two page script and this type of creating certainly tests your limits and forces you to examine each word, each pause, each thread in the pattern. I love it, I believe it will make me a better novelist and short fiction writer. If I could give any new author advice it would be to attempt to cram one hundred pages of work into twenty two pages of pure descriptive art. Once you begin, you may want to hunt me down and kill me BUT I promise if you learn the craft and be honest you will emerge a better and more capable writer.  This all being said I can’t wait to let my boy John Cutter, the main protagonist of my script, loose on the unsuspecting world. It has been an absolute pain in the ass to create but it’s my most loved and cherished work so far.
  I anticipate more news forthcoming regarding the final publication date of my non-fiction work, Autumn Painted Red, this book has taken myself and the other contributors on one hell of a roller coaster ride. It’s some amazing writing and I am looking forward to comments and feedback.
 My zombie anthology project, The Final Migration, lurches toward completion. This is another overdose of talented people putting their own precise spin on a common subject. Lots of time, work, effort, and cussing have gone into getting this book off the ground and rolling. There’s no one who deserves more thanks or credit than my good friend and talented writer Alex Ness.
Two more projects have made their appearance this week. A short story of divine evil and perhaps another comic script about little dead girl and her companions.  Things are still evolving and as always ever changing.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Day Anubis Came for Tea

   I just recently finished a short story project and I have to admit I’m absolutely in love with the characters. It was hard to limit my interaction, hard to leave this as just a short story. I’m planning to submit this to a wonderful Indie horror magazine for publication. If you’ve never checked out Dark River Press, you should visit their web site. SUPPORT YOUR INDIE CREATORS!!!!!!
   OK, enough of my soap box, let’s talk writing. An ancient God of death pays a visit to a young lady drowning in self abuse and lost potential. She’s crossed a line and now it’s time to pay the price.  Death see’s something special in the protagonist and asks her to answer a few questions, if he’s happy, she may get an extension.
   I loved writing this piece, and I loved how the story twisted and turned. I will post the publication date.