Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tasting Green and Feeling Orange

The impact of mentors on baby creators.
 Over the past several days I had the extraordinary opportunity to get advice, information and suggestions from someone I’ve admired (as a writer and artist) for years.
Just a few words and a little time have re fueled my creative fire.  I don’t think enough emphasis is put on the importance of mentors.
I know that those who’ve achieved success and have spent some of their time gifting ME with that hard earned knowledge have helped me avoid the pitfalls and failures that are almost required.  
Another kind writer has offered extensive advice and encouragement.  I credit him for teaching me the importance of making things happen on the merits of your own power.
Instead of being selfish and attempting to keep others from creating great things, a few have stepped up and quietly extended their hands.
They may even face the ridicule of their peers.  I watched an acutely cute version of this. The comments were meant in jest BUT it showed a clear divide between the person that respected me as a growing fellow creator and an individual smug and comfortable in their success.
If YOU are a mentor, THANK YOU….. If YOU have a mentor - you are a lucky bastard and must treat them kindly and realize how important they will be to your future.


  1. I've been on both sides of that fence...still am, as a matter of fact. Mentoring others makes me feel good...and sometimes, hearing about their pitfalls makes me appreciate even more those who helped me avoid them when I was a n00b (I'm still pretty fresh, but I think the area behind the ears is dry now!). I think I avoided a lot of crap when I was coming up simply by being around the right people.

    1. Excellent point. Thank you for helping out those lucky noobs!