Monday, October 29, 2012


Writers take their own fears, views, traumas and turn them into fodder for their fiction.
From childhood we collect impressions and feelings. These are taken and through hard work or a soul selling pact, we place them into our words. We don’t quote – we just extract the feelings created.
The best of us can delve the deepest, re live the worst and slap you in the face with overwhelming clarity.
I take my collected thoughts, experiences, interactions and such and then turn them into monsters.
I then use these metaphors to create a vision / message of the opinion I’m trying to secretly tell my readers.
I guess you could look at these methods as some form of subtle implantation. As a horror writer I find this highly acceptable.
In the course of my writing I tackle several touchy subjects. A re- occurring theme involves religion.  Nothing gets a reaction out of people quicker that poking around with God.  I don’t just write about religion to get a reaction. The subject has confounded and provoked me my entire life. May hap the creation of my work is some kind of self imposed therapy. If so, it’s not working. I come out at the end with more questions and subjects to twist.
Enough rambling for now – UPDATE ON PROJECTS TIME!
Cutter # 0 has started its final decent. We are almost ready to put the whole thing together and disburse it to the masses.  We are still conducting giveaways on our Facebook page so please stop in
Gods & Monsters progresses slowly since I added that last story. My editor is most like to kill me before this is over. We look for it to go off to print sometime in January.


  1. I bet the process makes for one very scary monster.

  2. Very cool.

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  3. Excellent analysis of what horror writers go through. Happy Halloween!

    1. Happy Halloween to you also, and thank you.