Monday, October 15, 2012

Passion, October and a Comic Convention

October for me is filled with all things good. This is the time of year when horror steps to the front of the line and strangles all aspects of normal.
For a monster lover like myself there is really nothing so wonderful.
I’ve been brushing up on the craft. Giving myself a tune up and learning a few new skills. In the world of comics & graphic novels writing and creating has its own language. My background is based firmly in short stories and novels.  Learning how to say the equivalent of three pages of dialogue and description in little under ten words has been a bit like learning to speak Mandarin.
Ideas have been coming fast and hard these last few weeks. I have filled notebooks with outlines and snippets for use in the future.  All my focus for the duration needs to be on Cutter #0 and my upcoming anthology Gods & Monsters. Once these are finished it’s straight to work on Cutter #1 and putting the finishing touches on the novel Keepers. Those lovely beauties are going to have to sit for a while before I can do them any justice.
I’ve also learned recently the extreme importance of having your creative team mesh well. Just one person that doesn’t have the same passion and love for project you’re working on can send out little ripples of negativity and frustration. I’m lucky in the fact that my creative partner and I both have the same amount of intensity and love for our joint work. Perhaps it’s our own fault for expecting others to fit well and be comfortable in this environment. More often than not Christopher Gibbs and I can finish each others thoughts when it comes to Cutter and our vision for the work.
If you’re down in Tampa this weekend come say hello at the Tampa Bay Comic Convention. Drop in and support some wonderfully talented folks!

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