Thursday, October 11, 2012

Returning From the Dead – A Handbook for Beginners

Things are progressing at warp speed and I’m having one hell of a joy ride.

Cutter progresses forward. Dennis Willman has joined Christopher Gibbs and me in the CUTTER horror comic book universe.
Cutter # 0 is on task to be unleashed at the end of this month. Cutter #1 script is complete and is waiting in the wings.  Christopher and I have some wonderfully tentacle filled goodness in the future regarding this project and are having one hell of a good time bringing it to life. We hope to both start the Con circuit together in the near future.   

Autumn Painted Red has finally been released and is available on Amazon.  My first foray into nonfiction and I really enjoyed stepping back in time and visiting the PIT that was Whitechapel.
I’m currently working on a horror anthology comprised completely of my own work. This has been a challenge from the outset.  My Editor Carol, of Editorial Alchemy – Sarasota, is helping me gather together all my wayward children (short stories) and whip them into shape. Things are just getting rolling so I can foresee many weeks of work left.
Sometime in the near future a zombie anthology featuring two pieces of mine titled, The Final Migration will be ready for release.  Another awesome collaboration of talented creators I was asked to be a part of.  I can’t wait for this one to hit; the stories are just epic and a nice slant on the whole zombie apocalypse idea.

I’ve just recently started another project that I have to admit is completely inspired by those patient souls that serve me pints at my favorite pub. I know, I know - big rule is you don’t write about people you know. I’m not exactly doing that. The characters are somewhat inspired by those whom I call friends. Also they get killed and get to kill werewolves.  Now who in the hell doesn’t want to be a part of that? This project is still in the research stage but I have a clear idea of where it’s going.
Of course I’m still working on the novel  Keepers. I hoping to see this finished at the beginning of the new year AND progress into a serial.
That’s what I’ve been up to. Things are taking off and I really don’t see them slowing down anytime soon.

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