Friday, October 26, 2012

Tired Tentacles

I've spent the day working on the business end of writing and creating. Looking through distributors and finishing up some more promotional swag for Cutter. Tentacled T shirts will be available SOON.

My artist partner Christopher Gibbs is at the Fan Boy Convention in Tennessee this weekend. This will be the first introduction of our Cutter marketing swag to the public and I can't wait to get feedback. The Cutter Fan Page is up and running strong. Please visit us at You could win free stuff! Please leave your contact information as a message and we will be glad to place you on the list to receive Cutter #0 - FREE! Upon publication the end of November.

My next book, Gods & Monsters, is coming together nicely. We are still in the editing stage AND developing a cover. I've backed myself in a corner.....I started another piece  and I REALLY want this story included.....may be a slight delay but if I believe IT CAN BE DONE!!!

Soon Christopher and I will put our heads together and set up a list of upcoming conventions.


  1. Wow, beautiful drawing!

    I have a book coming out, too - GIRLS & MONSTERS...I think we should be friends:)

    Happy #CoffinHop !

  2. I agree! Always happy to find another monster lover.

  3. I can't wait to read the book!