Saturday, August 11, 2012

Using The Human Infection

 One of  the things I've found I take delight in is discussing my writing projects, themes and basic outlines with those that don't usually read horror or Dark Fantasy.

I tried a little experiment tonight and I truly enjoy the reaction of those brave souls who let me tell my tales of giant bug monsters kidnapping artists, cannibal babies, eleven year old sociopaths  or the Death coming to visit for tea.

They and their reactions give me invaluable input on how to make my stories and writing better. This evening I had a lively discussion with a group of people more apt to read such things as Eat, Pray, Love instead of H.P. Lovecraft. The onslaught of suggestions and questions helped me deepen my plot and tweak my characters, for several of the projects I'm working on.

 It also helps to come out of my comfort zone and have people criticize  my outlook and the fact I love my Monsters. It helps me improve my methods of verbal seduction in order to get them to open their minds, try something new and read the entire book.

All in all, this group was invaluable and I think I may have gained a fan or two...

Friday, August 10, 2012

Manifesting Fear

I find that as a horror writer / creator you must be unafraid to take your reader to that dark place they don't want to look into.

This skill requires an almost abduction like have to make your reader choose to see that place. You have to seduce them, trick them, or even blitz them into that spot. Convince them they want to see whats behind the locked door. Make them think they would LOVE to dive into the muck.

I like to leave my readers with a feeling of unease, something that may creep up again at two in the morning as you navigate the pitch black house OR cross a parking lot, in a less savory area - alone - returning to your car.

I don't want you to feel safe, I want you to embrace the horror all around, festering in the real world. I strive for writing that captures that reaction and pushes it to the forefront. my Monsters don't want to be ignored, they want to play.

I like to create a sense of normalcy...maybe take a group or structure we thinks keeps us safe. Break that bad boy open and show you the maggots and puss right under the surface.

When I start creating characters and put words to paper I never let these motivations get too far out of focus.

On that, the writing has been moving freely the last two days. My collaboration with Christopher Gibbs is developing into something that just may shatter my own expectations. Each day I see CUTTER stretch and grown. The story, the characters are rising out of the miasma to become solid and textured.

The next few days will be for review and deep thinking on how I should progress on each of the pieces and projects I've got my hands in.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sensitive Beasts

What  does it say about humans when they de-claw and de-fang all the Big Bads?

Our Monsters represent an outlet to deal with the most basic deep rooted fears. I've watched countless people pontificate on what stressors each creature represents.

What does it mean when you take these magnificent beings and make them sexless, bloodless cuddly white knights.....

As a Monster lover I can't fathom the reasoning behind this.

Each individual must have an outlet to blow off steam,  something to help quell that never ending fear that drowns each day of life. To plug that outlet on purpose, to me, is tantamount to mental suicide.

I will continue to create creatures with fangs and rage, beings that won't monologue with their food.
I shall swim in the seas of blood and terror as happily as if I myself were monstrous.

For those who wish their Monsters to be saviors, I am not the creator for you. No chaste sparkly vampires, no angst ridden werewolves or ghosts striving to help you down your path.

Here these beasts may live as they should, tearing your sanity and slurping up your soul. Inspiring and reaping the terror, unease and  fear they produce.

I don't have an answer to the question I posed earlier. To me there is no logical explanation for such things. I refuse to dissect humans' mental  coping mechanisms, on the grounds that I really don't give a shit.

I do invite you to join me on my side of the fence. Tread carefully, here there be  dragons....and they really will eat your face. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

It Ain't A Party Without Tentacles.

Here's the first look at John Cutter..the main protagonist for our horror comic book script  Cutter.
 I would like to announce the creative partnership between myself and artist, Christopher Gibbs. Our creator owned efforts will  combined to meld the written aspect of horror to the visual. It's been a wonderful week of hammering out details. Mr. Gibbs is an amazing talent. We  think along the same twisted wavelength and travel the same monster filled roads. Introducing John Cutter...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Squid Inks........

This week has been hectic BUT things have progressed nicely.
I believe I’ve found a creative partner / artist. This just took about a million pounds of stress off my shoulders.
This gentleman’s work is amazing, and when all the details are finalized I will be showing off his art all over the place.
I think he’s absolutely brilliant.
The most amazing part is working with someone who’s just as excited about THE PROJECT as I am.
This makes me write better, write more and work harder to produce something worthy of his talent and enthusiasm.

We’ve started collaboration (brewing nasty plans, plotting world domination)  already and I think this baby is going to be everything I believed it could be, and more due to his input. Like I said when we iron out the specifics I will introduce you.