Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Illusion and Reality

 I explained in earlier posts some of my time this week, time I most often set aside for writing, has been given to study of the craft. As a neurotic spider monkey with an OCD problem I believe I can always improve.
Write better, create better characters…improve in all aspects of the craft and just BE better. On this note I was reading some excellent material on inspiration and themes. That age old question “Where do you get those ideas?”
Although I write about monsters and terror my inspiration comes from “THINGS” that happen around me, from the smallest detail of life to the most significant worldwide incident. I pull snippets and bits from everything, Overheard conversations, interactions between strangers, trash, stray animals, frozen squid…everything.
One theme I return to again and again is the aspect of illusion and reality. What is real and what is not. What appears to be REAL but may not be.
It is my firm belief that each person’s reality is as different and individual as they are. How you view the world is as unique as your fingerprint. Outside influences may bend and shape your perception BUT the view from your castle is your very own.
My own perception of how human’s view reality shapes my outlook and worms its way into a vast amount of my fiction, to lose your grasp on reality and not be able to verify what is there and what isn’t ….that’s a terrifying thought.
To realize your grasp is slipping, to know that what you are seeing and hearing may not be there….BUT HOW CAN YOU NOT TRUST YOU OWN EYES AND EARS? To fully understand that your grasp on sanity is slipping and not have a way to tighten your grip….well that’s where horror comes from.
I enjoy slipping back and forth during my writing, keeping the reader from fully understanding if what is happening to the characters is really happening or is this just the final break down.
I believe this creeps into my writing due to the fact I’ve had numerous experiences in my life with mental illness and it’s after effects. This influence is drawn from my job in law enforcement or through members of my own family. Perhaps this is my way of dancing around my own darkest fear. The fear that I may lose my grasp on what is real and what isn’t.  hmmmmm …. I believe this tuning up thing is working.

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