Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Appetite, Aphrodisia, Covetousness, Craving

There's an amazing book being created by 44 Flood that carries Lust  as its title. I'm a huge fangirl of the artists and writer of this project. This week they were in the midst of ending their kickstarter campaign AND breaking some records. Ben Templesmith, Menton3 and Steve Niles did a wonderful video explaining the premise. Essentially their views on The Vices and foremost Lust. Fascinating stuff.

Due to all of this I've spent a few days contemplating lust myself. As a catalyst for horror it's perfect. Excellent jumping point for conflict also.

Lust and its effects, how prevalent this tiny word to horror creators.

Nothing is quite so horrific as twisting physical love. Taking something so personal and sacred, exposing it - mauling, bleeding and beating it under a bright light.
Feeding this supposed most blissful event to the saliva filled maws of filth crusted monsters.

Most evil is consummated under  the umbrella of GREED OR BREED. Of course these can be broken down into millions of subsections.

If you really sit and think about the horrible atrocities that occur on a hourly basis within the cult of humanity you can trace a line (albeit a long and rambling line) directly to this one word.

Lust is not just about sex. You can have a lust for numerous things, a craving that can't be satisfied.

A lust for blood,a lust to cause harm - see death up close. A lust for power over others, a lust to be adored and to illicit lust in colleagues .

Quite the dynamic for such a tiny word.

Protagonists and their counterparts must have a drive, a conflict, a distraction - a craving to accomplish - essentially they must have lust in all its forms.

There are so many feelings and messages that can be carried on the back of this word. Three days of contemplation wasn't enough for me to explore all the possibilities.

I challenge you to think on lust, to inject it into a project - to experience the turmoil and radical upheaval - to manipulate your surroundings and human interactions with it.

Finally you will have to stare it right in the eye and LEARN from it.

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