Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cutter Contest

Here’s your chance to make waves in the Cutterverse!
The Cutter Team has decided to let YOU name one of our most pivotal characters.  This character has major impact on John Cutter and has an important role in the entire series!
Before we start a few rules:
1.       No hate, insults or disrespect
2.       The contest will run for three days
3.       If your entry/name is chosen it will be used for the entire run of the series.
4.       The winner will also receive an original concept sketch of the character.
Ok here we go!
Our character is Transgender (male to female) and performs as a Drag Queen. She also African -American and ABSOLUTELY FIERCE!!! 
No bullshit – straight shooter - Brave, loyal, intelligent, fearless and gorgeous!
We need YOU to give us her STAGE NAME!
GOOD LUCK! Competition!

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