Sunday, November 4, 2012


The energy or motivation to accomplish or undertake something.
A force that causes the motion of an object to overcome resistance and maintain its velocity.
I’m reaching that crux that all creators can run into = EXHAUSTION!
 Multiple projects on the table, each one requiring you to be brilliant, (there’s no way in hell you’re not going to give 100% to anything you’re working on) promoting, marketing your brand, networking, making future commitments, PLUS making a living…….
New ideas for future work jotted down daily, the discipline to finish the things you’re working on instead of drifting to a new project.
All of this can turn into a rock slide of muck that rains down over all of those around you. A creator is married first and foremost to the WORK.
I know we try not to be, we try to give equal attention to all aspects of our life. In the end the love for creating will win out and it will always come first.  Our brains are wired that way, I shall quote Ben Templesmith – “I create because I have to.”
It proves difficult finding a balance; enough time for everything and the energy to provide what’s needed by the forenamed everything.
You must find the drive to push through, follow the course and see all aspects of creating + life to the conclusion.
It’s in there, you’ve got to track it down and beat it into submission.
  Never give up or sacrifice any aspect of what’s important.  
I will keep repeating that sentence like a mantra in hopes to continue to retain and preserve my sanity.  

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