Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bleach Baths, Slime, Violence, Editors and Of Course Squid

I’ve spent the last week searching for an artist/ creative partner to help me breathe life into one of my scripts.
I tried the easy way of breaking into comics and found I didn’t care for it. There’s only so much ass kissing of self important prigs I can produce.
After a few months and then a bleach shower to get rid of the slime, I felt that maybe, I should retain creator control and break this bitch out INDIE style. I’ve done some quiet research and crept around the outskirts of some amazing artists. Tentatively made contact, and hope with all my little black heart, I don’t run into anymore pratts.
I don’t just want some kinda pre-fab, run-o-the-mill crap. I want a partner, an insane partner. (Preferably one that likes squid and sun-dip) The search continues and I’m being picky so I’m sure it may take a moment.
The novel plods on, the story is getting told, and it’s moving slowly. The characters are showing enormous patience for my ADD and my constant multi tasking. That being said,  I’m working on some more short stories and of course am looking at contributing to a few more anthologies.

Autumn Painted Red is out; it’s my first foray into non-fiction. I have to admit I loved the hell out of this piece and the work that went into creating it. Find your copy at Asylum Ink.

I’ve moved to a new editor, Carol Gaskin of Editorial Alchemy. We’ve been tossing random communications back and forth for about a month. She finally agreed to deal with my insane bullshit and we start our partnership officially August 3. The wonderful thing is she’s almost local so if she needs to beat some sense into my thick skull, it will only take her about 45 minutes to commence the violence.

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