Wednesday, April 18, 2012

When Reality Kills the Monster

    I've been wrangling these insane ideas in my head for years, never once has the Muse stopped answering, until today.

   Finishing my project today has been an Olympic event. The act of putting anything besides shit down on paper has been exhausting. I shall endeavor to conquer on.

    Writing for me is all about the mind set. I have to be set to to let the Mind Monster loose. The Monster finds the Muse, they whisper sweet things in dark closet. I creep up and scribble down the ramblings. Often or not there are a few squid in the mix too. The problem, the car crash, the killer, the virus occurs when "REALITY" and "WORRY" stand between the Monster, the Muse and myself.

   Just have to re-set the brain and find the right station, then transmission can begin again.

    Looking over my current projects, things I've already posted about prior, I can see I'm progressing. I can see things getting finished polished and off to run amok amidst the normal folks.

    My main focus today is completion of my twenty two page comic book script for Cutter. These characters deserve to have their story told. It's my responsibility to put it down in the best possible manor.

    Comic book writing is all about the seeing, novel writing weaves a picture with words. Sounds similar doesn't it? Well it absolutely isn't. Both very separate mediums, with techniques exclusive to the particular craft.

    I've found an artist that plans to help me bring Cutter and his world to life. This particular project has become my special little darling, and we're supposed to kill our darlings aren't we? Maybe I just don't want to let this story or these characters go because they are so real to me.

   Regardless of my subconscious reasons, the Monster and the Muse demand their sacrifice and I shall kill my special darling this week.

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  1. You know, I've always hated it....Well maybe not, but the best (or worst) thoughts and fantasies seem to come to me when I'm at my lowest. Utter rage or blackness that wells up inside sometimes after it built and festered long enough. Seems I have the most clarity then. But even so, they are mostly just flashes or ideas. It's great that you are able to tie it all in together into a story that keeps a reader invested in a character or theme. Can't wait to read the comic! Keep it up!!