Sunday, April 1, 2012

Demons, Dead Girls and Monsters

  It has been some time since my last post. Real life interrupting the writer at work, real life has been beaten with a stick and chased back to its closet.  I’m now able to devote myself to the whispers of evil tales inside the noggin.
  I have been learning the art of comic script writing and boy what a devious mistress she is. I’m currently working on my first twenty two page script and this type of creating certainly tests your limits and forces you to examine each word, each pause, each thread in the pattern. I love it, I believe it will make me a better novelist and short fiction writer. If I could give any new author advice it would be to attempt to cram one hundred pages of work into twenty two pages of pure descriptive art. Once you begin, you may want to hunt me down and kill me BUT I promise if you learn the craft and be honest you will emerge a better and more capable writer.  This all being said I can’t wait to let my boy John Cutter, the main protagonist of my script, loose on the unsuspecting world. It has been an absolute pain in the ass to create but it’s my most loved and cherished work so far.
  I anticipate more news forthcoming regarding the final publication date of my non-fiction work, Autumn Painted Red, this book has taken myself and the other contributors on one hell of a roller coaster ride. It’s some amazing writing and I am looking forward to comments and feedback.
 My zombie anthology project, The Final Migration, lurches toward completion. This is another overdose of talented people putting their own precise spin on a common subject. Lots of time, work, effort, and cussing have gone into getting this book off the ground and rolling. There’s no one who deserves more thanks or credit than my good friend and talented writer Alex Ness.
Two more projects have made their appearance this week. A short story of divine evil and perhaps another comic script about little dead girl and her companions.  Things are still evolving and as always ever changing.

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