Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rabid Tentacles and Such

    The comic script is complete. The beast turned out to be twenty five pages instead of twenty two. I believe after re writes I'll have the little bastard darling firmly within his twenty two page box. John Cutter walks amongst you now, all monsters beware!

   Next on the project agenda is a contribution to the blog Doctor Her. I've been rather neglectful during my battle to perfect Cutter. The blog is based on certain beliefs both political and social. I love being a featured contributor for the simple fact it keeps me "SMART."

   After running around in the multiple universes of my creation, dealing with real people and real issues can become problematic. Sure you want to discuss the thirty six ways there are to kill a werewolf or how to blow of a Prince of Hell, I got you. Now after a couple of weeks sequestered away writing, ask me whats going on in the REAL WORLD.......I got nothing.

    Doctor Her allows me to combine my love of science, fiction, writing, horror, and life lessons with the nasty problems facing real people. It keeps my research skills sharp and give me a metaphorical way to suggest solutions or incite debate.

  I've got my new topic and I've started my research, please feel free to stop buy any time. Leave comments, join in the debates, whatever you choose to do keep your mind in gear and for the love of all things, STAY SHARP!!!

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