Thursday, May 3, 2012

In the Time of Love & Monsters

I started working on a horror fiction piece about a week ago. It's a short story for a  fabulous magazine known for its support of the Indie community. The entire thing takes a look at the insane and boundless love brought on by motherhood, with a monster and the end of the world brought on by said monster .

In the beginning the words just tumbled out. the characters spoke their parts and I just stood by and put them on paper.


The characters and the story started evolving, changing and stampeding off in an entirely new direction. All the preparation and research geared toward the left became irrelevant as the story took a clear right turn and headed straight for morning....

Now I'm facing a deadline BUT I'm going to have to start back at square one. Meeehhh, so what, the new story and the new outlook is better than what my initial plans and preparation created. The Muse will have her say and I shall happily continue as just the voice box.

The crux is this, projecting the very real and tangible love of a mother for her child within the gruesome and horrific torso of horror. No cliches no stereotypes, something new, something chilling.....

All I have to have is the courage and fortitude to follow this path to the end and NOT LOOK AWAY.
Once I accept this and the fact that I really have no control over how  this piece progresses (If I want it to be more than shite on paper) the words will begin to flow and the story will be told.

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