Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Soothing The Savage Beast

 I have to take just a moment to reflect on how music helps me write.

  I tend to think of this as another artist / creator once again extending their hand to make me better at the craft.

  My characters all have their own favorite songs and sometimes....they tell me what they want to hear when we get ready to write a certain scene. Even the Monsters speak up and hand me a request list.

   It amazes me how some art work, music or even watching an actor project emotions non verbally can inspire me to write better, create better.....hell just do better at the craft.

  Have you even seen an artist that can make you literally FEEL the texture of the color blue? Or taste the color green?

 I have, his name is Ben Templesmith, look him up.....truly an amazing individual.

 I tend to focus more on the music, perhaps that's my selfish nature BUT some songs help that movie that's constantly running in my head snap into sharper focus.

Cutter wouldn't have been half so angry and terrifying without Hendrix and Hunt The Winterlands not half so engrossing without Florence and the Machine....My tastes are varied and I steal from all genres of our modern bards.

 Writing this novel with my schizophrenic / bi - polar Pandora station in the background has led to some amazing chapters today.

I couldn't have done near so well without this particular aspect of The Muse.

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