Sunday, May 20, 2012

Monsters on Parade

This month marks the culmination of hard work, involving many parties, of quite a few projects. I am finally starting to see and hold the evidence of my evolution AND success as a writer. I've never been known for my patience and to say the wait has unbearable would be an understatement.

Three projects finished, two in publication and the third ready to ship to the publisher. I'm immensely pleased with the finished products and hope my readers will enjoy them.

The foray into comic book creation has also reached its boiling point. The first script is finished, the cover and pin up are now in the hands of the Illustrator and the next step will be publication. This I believe is the work I'm most proud of. The learning process and the wonderful community of comic book creators has infused my writing and attitude with energy and love for the craft, all over again.

I do have two short pieces to be published in two separate dark fiction / horror magazines.
Look for them in the future from Asylum Ink and Dark River Press.

It's now time to start some new projects, create horror and unleash more monsters.

My first order of business will be to finish up a novel that's been in the works for a while. Other projects and creations having taken precedence over its culmination.

She's been very patient, waiting for me to commit. With my focus harnessed and my spirit re energized the words shall flow and the monsters shall ravage.

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