Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shuffling That Monster Walk

It's zombie week on Chiller....

This proves quite the distraction when attempting to work on your new novel. More planning and plotting completed. The main protagonist is pretty acerbic and angry, this should prove to be an interesting ride.

The supporting cast is immensely diverse, so many personalities bouncing around in the old noggin this evening. Of course there are a multitude of monsters throughout.

 A few pages written and I see the story and characters grow stronger in their voice. Right now is the fun part. In a few weeks when the plot starts twisting and the story starts mutating, it should get even more interesting. It's not really work yet, I'm to full of plans and I keep telling myself I know exactly where everything is going. 

Anyone who writes knows this is a line of bull shite we feed ourselves.

Wrote a piece for the Doctor Her Blog, but I appear to have forgotten my password to get in. I'm waiting on a response from the wonderful blog mistress, Courtney Stoker so I may share my outlook on  Captain Jack Harkness. I'm hoping this stirs up some debate and discussion since I've taken the piece at a completely different  angle to the norm.

Lawman work resumes tomorrow and I'm sure it shall be as wonderful (insert sarcasm) as always. I shall persist in putting words down on paper every day even if it kills me OR someone else tries to kill me.

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