Friday, May 18, 2012

Tempting The Ripper

   Last night I was able to look over and revel in the fruits of my labor. I was able to peruse the completed and ready to print version of an anthology featuring one of my pieces.

Let me introduce you to, Autumn Painted Red, to be published and released by Asylum Ink the end of this month.

  This book has been a righteous bastard to get to print. Its moved publishers and been held hostage for months. Finally free and nearing its debut I have to say the bastard has a special place in my heart.

 This is the first non-fiction project I have ever worked on. I found myself loving the process of research  and spinning my special brand of dark prose history. The book is a new look at the influence of Jack the Ripper on our collective psyche. I don't mean a break down of the case and the ever present "who done it." This is a glimpse through the eyes of writers, poets and artists on how this so human of monsters, still holds  a grip on our throats all these years later. 

  My piece in the book is, Tempting the Ripper, and it was a joy to mix my darkness and love of monsters into the reality of factual atrocity.

 The wonderful thing  is the fact that this mystery, this horror has no definable answer . No matter how many times this body is  dissected, studied and debated, we shall have no truth from it. There is no conclusion, no end, no reason as to why and NO CLOSURE. As a species we are so very attached to closure. This stands as the true horror of Saucy Jack. He's still out there, he will always be out there, laughing at us as we try to fit the puzzle pieces together.

I will of course announce the release date once I am given the go ahead.

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