Saturday, May 26, 2012

Doctor Her & Contributing

The best creators take time out to mentor up and comers like me. Those who've established themselves firmly in the creator community  take time to instruct and walk us newbies through the confusion of creating as a business.

When I started writing as more than just an activity to get the snarl of chaos out of my brain, I had no idea the ins and outs of what it really took to get your work out to be read.

I owe a huge debt to numerous creators in all fields for helping and teaching me how to do it right.

I myself, though not even close to being as well known as those that helped me, have started contributing myself. I was invited to write for a blog that discusses the impact of Doctor Who on culture from a woman's perspective. Although the blog ( revolves around The Doctor, we branch out all over the place and discuss numerous topics that impact lives and world views.

The contributors are diverse and the post and topics are thought provoking.

 I invite you to support your Indie Creators and take a look at the blog. Feel free to leave comments or ask the site web mistress (Courtney Stoker) if you'd like to be a guest contributor.


  1. Hello,

    I'm from the Permuted Boards and thought I'd check out your blog. Very nice.

    Mentors are great. It's amazing how many you end up having by the time you get where you need to be.

    Cheers and good luck!

    Now, come visit me!

    1. I would love too! The link won't allow me to follow. Thank you so much for commenting.