Monday, June 18, 2012


The Novel (must be said with emphasis!) now has a name. I'm about six chapters in and the words are flowing pretty easily.

I'm having an ecstatic time listening to these amazing characters whisper their stories into my brain. of course this is the honeymoon stage, creating the first draft. let's see if I'm still enamored during the fourth revision when they want to change things.....

On the flip side I'm casually scanning around for an artist. I really want to find someone with visceral in your face style. I'm wanting to create a DIY/ Indie comic, adult themed horror, have the script ready just need to find the right one to bring it to life.

Autumn Painted Red is ready for release, all the contributors approved the final draft and its off to be printed and e booked & such.

Boston was an eye opening experience and I've recently done a Huge amount of self assessment. it's time to move forward and make things happen. Mentors are great, when you find the right one. You can depend on that type of guidance completely. You have to be willing to take risks and make things happen.

Pave your own fucking roads and such. I think I'm perfectly suited for kicking down doors and making people read at gun point.

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