Sunday, February 10, 2013

February 10, 2013

I’ve been doing some soul searching the past few days. What events have brought me to this point in my creative life? What experiences have shaped my beliefs and passions? How have I molded these views into the stories I tell?

Of course most of the casting / molding occurred during a rather unconventional childhood. Hard and extreme, I wouldn’t change it.  It created an unbreakable foundation for the whirl of chaos you see today.
As I’ve grown through my twenties and into my thirties I’ve watched my views and beliefs change and flex. Suddenly I find myself a fully fledged adult with opinions and outlooks based on my own thoughts not others.
While these views are skewed though the kaleidoscope of a horror writer they are my own and I thrust them into each piece I create.
I fuck with religion, I’m irreverent to those supposedly in power and I don’t mind telling folks when they are being absolute ass clowns. I would hope they would return the favor should my own mouth get too big for my arse.
This is what creates my style, contempt hidden within the guise of humor and terror, a wonderful vintage which I quite enjoy.  
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