Friday, February 24, 2012

The Author as a Crossroads Demon

There is only one place left in present day where you may have access to all your wants and desires, with only minimum price. You have the ability to become anything or anything, have whatever possession you so desire. This place and those that offer you this escape are authors and the varied and extensive worlds they create.
What is that you wish to be? Are you searching to be a hero, a villain, or perhaps the person to be rescued? Do you desire ultimate power or riches beyond imagination? These and so much more are available to you if you are intelligent enough to choose wisely.
Anyone with the ability to read may step into the skin of characters lovingly created and face quests or conflict. Hiding inside these borrowed avatars you may live and love, conquer and destroy as the scribe dictates.
All cultures have tales and warnings of beings that will grant your greatest wish, all end with a warning against greed or covetous behavior. There is no need for warnings when placed under the spell of your favorite author. They have paid your price already in the sacrifice of time, sweat, creative effort and sometimes insanity. Authors give to you freely their creations to use as you will.
Think of us as the modern day answer to the crossroads demon. You come to us with your wants and if we as creators are strong enough, we deliver your desires.
Welcome to our parlors, welcome to our worlds, yes friends welcome to the inside of another human beings mind. If what we create touches you, if you enjoy the experience, please feel free to return.

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