Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ink on the Tentacles

 Working on the blogs today. Still haven't gotten my head in the right space to tackle the revisions on the novel. Everything I put on paper today appears to be crap. I know I'm not the only author / creator to deal with these issues. Often the creator is harder on themselves than any critic. My characters are patient and they will wait until I am sure I can give them the brilliance they deserve. Today on , a blog I contribute too, I discussed the aspect of loneliness. I don't believe a creator ever feels more  alone than when their Muse is being difficult. May-hap it's time for me to give my brain a rest and cause chaos in  the real world for a bit. Let the battery re charge and slay some dragons.
  The revisions for my next anthology are finished and I'm halfway through a new piece for an amazing horror mag, so I'm not completely off kilter. Today may be a good day to reminisce at the pub over a few pints. Speak with friends and collect memories. Maybe ease drop on a few conversations for some new character material.
  As always I continue to study and improve my craft. Those books may be left undisturbed today as I untangle  this knot in my brain.
  I've decided then...
  I shall be selfish and frivolous, back to the ink and tentacles in the morning!

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